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The Battle

Typ: Original Jahr: 2005 Produzent: Mike Shinoda Aufnahmeort: -

Für diesen Song liegt uns noch keine Beschreibung vor.


The Rising TiedThe Rising Tied (Limited Edition)The Rising Tied (Tour Edition)


These hungry rappers battle for a buck and some change
There really be kids starving
Give a fuck if it change
Shock rap
Not that
You get signed you might blow up
Release Party In Iraq.
You might blow up
I see you trying to think a few lines you might get at me with
Slap happy with babies who?re born with crack in they cribs
Too much to cram under you oversized titled
And the public system failed you
Either you ignore it or...


Dieser Song wurde zuletzt am 16.05.2009, 14:51 aktualisiert.