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Same Ol' Story

Typ: Original Jahr: 1998 Produzent: - Aufnahmeort: -

Für diesen Song liegt uns noch keine Beschreibung vor.


Run Joseph Run!


Well you can get on your knees
Or spit in his face
You can trash the temple or
Cleanse this place
you can call on the Lord or
Curse his name but
God still loves you just the same
I've seen it firsthand it's not a fib
Please understand
Don't turn your back on me
Face the facts and you will see
It's just my point of view
Don't hate me b/c I'm praying for you
I'm gonna praise my Lord and I'll receive my reward
The same ol' story a different page
I've read these chapters
I've seen them change
The introduction don't
Mean a thing b/c in the end I'll be with the king


Dieser Song wurde zuletzt am 16.05.2009, 14:44 aktualisiert.