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Ode Ta Bob

Typ: Original Jahr: 1998 Produzent: - Aufnahmeort: -

Für diesen Song liegt uns noch keine Beschreibung vor.


Run Joseph Run!


Out with the old in with the new
Who ever thought that it could happen to you
You've come so far all alone all by yourself
It's time you started over with somebody else
One bye one in your weakness you fail
And two by two in your strength
You will prevail
But a chord of three no matter what they
Say or do is not broken easily
Can y'all feel that cause I can feel
That so let's all feel that and jump around
You put your trust in your friends
And then your friends put their trust in you
But when it comes down to the wire
Jesus will pull you through
Feel that rhythm feel that rhyme
Come on people it's bobsled time


Dieser Song wurde zuletzt am 15.05.2009, 21:10 aktualisiert.